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Supporting Chaos

Motherhood Unplugged: Real Mom Talk with Influencers Mary Hendricks & Sammy and Gracie of Supporting Chaos

EPISODE: 79  |    DATE: June 30, 2022

“A lot of the time we get comments from people on Tik Tok saying, “Thank you so much for posting this. I feel so seen and less alone.”

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Key Takeaways

Hey mama,
Do you sometimes feel like you’re alone in this whole motherhood thing? Like you wish you had it more together? Like you’re super judgmental of yourself as a parent and a person?
Welcome to the lives of all moms.
Today’s episode is going to help you see that you are very much NOT alone in these feelings. Because even the mamas among us who appear to have it all together…well…we don’t!
In this candid conversation with influencers Mary Hendricks of The Very Mary Life and Sammy and Gracie of Supporting Chaos, we go to alllll the places, including:

Capturing the realness of motherhood

  • How toxic social media can be (and why you should unfollow accounts that don’t make you feel good about yourself and your life)
  • Postpartum weight loss 
  • Postpartum fitness
  • Pelvic health and having sex after kids
  • Why we need to do away with the 6 week mark for sex and working out and listen to our bodies instead
  • Postpartum emotions – what’s normal
  • Why we need to do away with the words “bounce back” – there is a new you, that’s it!
  • Raising boys
  • Splitting household and childcare duties between spouses
  • Talking about finances as the stay at home parent and valuing yourself beyond the money you bring in
  • Burnout, mom guilt and self care – defining your needs and asking for the time to fill them
  • When we lose our cool with our kids and how to navigate it
  • Routines and discpline

So pour yourself a cup of tea or open up a bottle of your favorite wine (or maybe something a little stronger?) and prepare to feel seen, heard and understood.



Welcome to our chaos! We’re Gracie and Sammy, sisters and the mamas behind @SupportingChaos.  

Gracie is a girl mom to three, two toddlers and a baby! Sammy, boy mom to two toddlers! 

Our daily conversations sparked the idea for Supporting Chaos. From comparing nap schedules, laughing, crying and keeping each other (mostly) sane; we realized how lucky we were to be figuring out motherhood together, as sisters. 

And that is the core of our mission: support other mamas in the way that we support each other. Laugh, cry, relate, laugh again and even feel a little less alone in motherhood. 

Though we’re sisters, we parent differently and have different strengths and struggles. But we’re both great moms! And want to help normalize that motherhood is not one size fits all. 

You’ll find us sharing our daily struggles and imperfections; all while laughing through it all.  As one of our followers said, “We love that you’re awkward! It’s authentic, fun and relatable!” 

We love that.

Resources mentioned in this episode

Episode 73: Dr. Sarah Bren: How to Parent More Effectively & Deepen the Connection With Your Child

Thank you so much for listening!

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And remember, mama you’re doing GREAT!