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Sue & Caitlin 

Reclaiming Your Health & Vitality in Motherhood with Sue McCarroll & Caitlin Hatzenbuhler

EPISODE: 68   |    DATE: February 3, 2022

“It made me realize that I needed to change the way I was mothering. Even if I didn’t have help – I needed to lower my standards …initially I wanted to make everything perfect and that’s not sustainable.”

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Key Takeaways

Do you tend to put yourself first? Like, before your kids and your spouse and your friends?
Do you feel like you’ve lost that sense of vitality and energy since becoming a mother?
Are you suffering from any postpartum health conditions like diastasis recti, prolapse, bladder leakage or low back pain?
Do you have any lingering health conditions like brain fog, anxiety or depression, gut health issues like bloating, stomach aches, skin rashes, etc.?
Do you realize it’s all connected? Are you ready to heal your body, mind and spirit so you can shine and truly enjoy yourself as both a woman and a mother?
Today’s episode will empower you to do just that. I’m joined by moms and pilates instructors, Sue McCaroll and Caitlin Hatzenbuhler to discuss the role that both nutrition and pilates have played in their own healing and empowerment journey through motherhood. Sue shares her experience developing Bell’s Palsy after the birth of her third child, and Caitlin shares her experience with an ovarian cancer diagnosis. They both also share about powerful transformations around food that transformed migraines, anxiety, joint pain and more!
We also touch on:

– How important it is to lower our perfectionistic standards as mothers

– Using food and movement to support our lives as mothers

– The lack of support for moms at every stage of motherhood, and what we can do about it.

– A holistic approach to health and wellness

– Food and its relationship not just to migraines and other ailments, but also anxiety 

– Low back issues and their relationship with pelvic health

And more!

Feel empowered in motherhood, mama. It’s possible, and it’s time.


Sue McCarroll holds a BS in nutrition and a BA in dance from Rutgers University as well as a MS in Education. After an extensive career in the dance industry, she found a passion for classical Pilates. She spent over 600 hours completing her comprehensive Pilates certification. Her favorite part of teaching is installing worth and confidence in her community. 

Sue is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and the owner of Opal Wellness Studio where she combines her passion for a healthy lifestyle with extensive training as a Pilates teacher to help busy people live their best life!  Above all else, she believes “movement heals”.

Sue is the Co-Host of the Well2You Podcast and enjoys sharing all things wellness with women around the world!





Caitlin Hatzenbuhler, is a nationally certified Pilates teacher, integrative nutrition health coach in training and
owner of Conscious Core – a California-based Pilates studio and online wellness company. She is a believer in
the power of movement to heal and stay strong, centered and move with more ease through a crazy life as a
mom. Throughout her training she realized there was an important need to better help soon-to-be and new
moms be strong, healthy and active. To fill this critical gap she now specializes in prenatal and postnatal
Pilates to help discouraged moms connect with their core so they can keep up with the demands of
motherhood, feel confident in their body and live vibrant and joyful lives.

Areas of expertise:

 Returning to exercise safely postpartum
 Core strength before, during and after pregnancy
 Prenatal and postnatal fitness
 Diastsis Recti safe exercise and recovery
 Exercise for pelvic floor pain and dysfunction
 Postnatal core recovery and strengthening (even years later)





Thank you so much for listening!

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And remember, mama you’re doing GREAT!