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Steph Hendel

Finding Your Soul Aligned Body #bodybuiltbylove

EPISODE: 27   |    DATE: January 28, 2021

“Every woman knows what her soul aligned body is, and it’s not what the media tells us it is. It’s this body that we know is the best feeling, most amazing purpose enhancing body.”

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Key Takeaways

  • Steph Hendel is a weight loss coach who helps women create their soul aligned bodies through understanding how their vibrations, mind and beliefs are affecting their body and in turn how their body will respond to food and workouts, etc.
  • A soul aligned body is the unique signature body that each woman has. 
  • Steph believes that we all came here for a reason. That we all have a purpose and a mission and we were given a body that is perfectly aligned with that soul’s mission. Most of us grew up with a lot of limiting beliefs and stories about bodies and food.
  • Steph works to break down those limiting beliefs so you can step into your soul aligned body.
  • One of the techniques for stepping into your soul aligned body is to take the limiting beliefs you have around your body and to begin to analyze them: why do you think that? Where did the belief come from? Was that belief actually true? And continue asking questions from there until you break the belief apart. 
  • From there, you create new beliefs.
  • You can’t change your body until you change your beliefs.

About Steph

Steph Hendel is a body and weight loss coach for high level women, coaches, health and weight loss experts, celebrities, influencers, and entrepreneurs. 

Steph’s work and signature course, Body Built by Love, are inspired by her own 40-pound weight loss journey and are anything but average.

Steph’s coaching is radically transformative, heart-centered, and focused on empowerment: Steph teaches, guides, and supports women through doing the inner work to build a lasting foundation to take their body to the next level.

Steph believes that weight loss gets to be fun and easy, and that every woman deserves to feel radiant in their own skin and embody their soul-aligned life.

She teaches clients to achieve lasting results without a specific diet or workout regimen–instead, embodying the body of their dreams by experiencing inner transformation on the deepest level and building their body from the inside out with love.

Steph has worked with and changed the lives of thousands of women in 18 countries and all 50 U. S. states. Her work has been featured on Fox, ABC, Popsugar, and FabFitFun, and she has partnered with Whole Foods, Pure Barre, Lululemon, and Lorna Jane.






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