Jenny Schatzle

Shelli Lawrence

How to Find Peace, Personal Freedom and Presence in Motherhood

EPISODE: 72  |    DATE: March 31, 2022

“The only reason any of us ever get upset about anything is because there is something stored and unprocessed in our own personal data bank, and something that’s happening in the external world triggers that.”

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Key Takeaways

Today’s show can be summed up in one question:
Why would you tolerate anything less than loving your life?
Today’s episode is for moms who are interested in seeking peace with a sense of urgency.
It’s for women in motherhood who want to eliminate stressful beliefs that leave them suffering from burden, overwhelm and heartache.
It’s for women who want to find their personal freedom and inner peace so that they can be present at any moment, as mothers and as powerful women.
Are you ready?


My name is Shelli Lawrence. I’ve struggled. I’ve lost loved ones. I’ve suffered
with overthinking. I’ve lived with fear. I am a human being with all that comes
with that journey and yet….I am navigating a life which also transcends the ego’s
dictatorship. I am peaceful. I am a truth teller.

I am a warrior for our right to be free from our mind’s stories. We do not have
to keep repeating the past limiting storylines. I can show you how to free

For over 20 years, I’ve coached people from all over the globe to face life’s
challenges and find the greatest gifts hiding in plain sight. But you see, no
matter how wise we are, none of us are able to see our own blind spots.

That is where I come in.

I am fiercely passionate about empowering women and mothers to create their
own life on their own terms. Through our in depth life changing conversations,
your life will transform forever.

If you are ready to know who and what you really are, and what you really really
really want, I can help.

I am also a:

– Master Life Coach
– Certified Facilitator for the Work Of Byron Katie
– Reiki Master, American Reiki Academy
– Mama Bear


Instagram: @workwithshelli

Resources mentioned in this episode

Episode #28 with Mary Beth LaRue

The Work by Byron Katie

The Angel Scholarship

Thank you so much for listening!

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