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Sara Rose Whaley

Finding Joy in Toddler Parenting with Behavioral Analyst and Coach, Sara Rose Whaley

EPISODE: 76  |    DATE: May 26, 2022

“Holding boundaries is not about being strict or firm or forcing compliance. It’s about being kind and making your expectations clear for you and for your toddler so they don’t have to guess and you don’t have to get frustrated.”

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Key Takeaways

Do you have a toddler (or two…or three)? –
Do you find joy in this stage of your little one’s life?
The answer might be complicated, and likely depends on how many tantrums you’re navigating, temperament and many other factors.
My guest on the show today is a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst and parenting coach. She also happens to be a mother to two toddlers! She has cracked the code on toddler behavior to such a degree that she says she finds joy in toddler parenting – and she wants you to as well!
Today on the show we touch on:

1. How the entire family factors into toddler behavior

2. Sara’s holistic, whole family approach to toddler behavior

3. The importance of self care as a main parenting strategy

4. Mom guilt (as a drain on your energy and making your parenting less effective)

5. Feeling confident in your parenting choices

6. Teaching toddlers to listen

7. How changing your behavior can change your toddler’s behavior

8. How do handle apologies

9. How to handle hitting/biting/kicking

10. How to use the word NO effectively

And much more! If you’re ready to own toddler parenting and find joy in this stage of life, you’re about to have that wish granted.


As a parent coach, Sara Rose Whaley helps families increase their joy during the toddler stage. She addresses all the components that affect this including: marriage dynamics, mom guilt and burnout, and toddler behavior strategies. She has over 15 years of experience working with families, including those with neurodiverse children. She is currently fully living the toddler stage with her 2 kids: ages 4 and 2. 

Resources mentioned in this episode

Byron Katie – The Work

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