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Hey, mama! Look at you! You’re one (or two or however many) kid(s) into this whole motherhood thing.

You’ve figured out how to survive off very little sleep (or you have wonder children who sleep well and sleep deprivation isn’t a thing for you).

You are the CEO of your household and whether you collect a paycheck for the work you do (AKA you work outside of motherhood), the work you do as a mother is incessant. Either you get home from work and step right into your role as a mom again, or you work all day in motherhood and don’t get a break until the kids are in bed (and even then, maybe you don’t get a break because they’re in bed with you).

It often feels like there is no break in this life, and you may be feeling worn out. You may be wondering if you’ll ever understand what a weekend feels like again (it’s those two days at the end of the “work/school” week where you’re supposed to get some relaxing time or something…). You may be wondering how on earth you’ll ever get some self care in, and if you’ll have to wait until all your kids are 18 before you ever get to sit down and read a book quietly again.

If you’ve been feeling lost in motherhood, if you’ve been low energy, like you’re not thriving but instead are surviving, and you’d like to get re-energized and step into this new versin of yourself, let’s chat!

Together, we can figure out what’s causing you to feel burnout (it’s different for everyone depending on the ages of their children, their temperament, their work-life balance, whatever that is, etc.) so we can address it. We’ll go through some goals and intentions to see just who you’d like to step into being. We’ll get your feeling vibrant and healthy – physcially, mentally and spiritually – so you can go from surviving to thriving!

We’ll focus on:

1. Nutrition (but not in the way you might think).

2. Movement.

3. Mental health (yes, including meditation).

4. Processing unhealed traumas.

5. Goal setting.

And much more.

If you’re ready to step into a bigger, more vibrant, more rested, more passionate and even sensual version of yourself, let’s talk! You can email me at or sign up for a time slot below.

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