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Natasha Case

Coolhaus Co-Founder and mama on Building a Meal Delivery Service for Kids 

EPISODE: 91  |  DATE: January 26, 2023

“I like solving a problem I can relate to. I like to be the target customer. It’s just easier to go after the strategy and the little details. If you know and experience it, it helps in making choices because if it works for you, it will probably work for others too.”

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Key Takeaways

When co-founder Natasha Case of the wildly popular ice cream company, Coolhaus, found herself challenged by feeding her little ones, she took action.


She realized that as both she and her wife, Freya, were busy working professionals and entrepreneurs, they were solving their nutritional needs by ordering pre-made meals for themselves through a meal delivery service.


Standing over yet another uneaten lunch that her son had brought back home from school and feeling frustrated, Natasha had an aha moment:


Why don’t we have meal delivery services for kids?


She got to researching and couldn’t find any suitable options. She wondered why:


Was it too hard a market to get into? Or was it simply an untapped market that she needed to innovate?


She went with the latter, and a year after selling Coolhaus, Lunch Bunch began serving its first round of meals.


Today on the show, Natasha discusses how Coolhaus and parenting gave way to the birth of Lunch Bunch. Get ready to learn about entrepreneurship while also learning about how to invoke your children’s curiosity and unlock the way to get them to eat truly nourishing food.


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Natasha Case is the co-founder of Coolhaus Ice Cream. She created the company with Freya Estreller in 2009 because they did not feel represented by the ice cream brands on shelves and knew they could create higher quality and more unique ice cream with a more authentic story. They launched their ice cream sandwich company from a barely-drivable postal van at the Coachella Music Festival where the brand went viral. Since then, Coolhaus has scaled to a national fleet of trucks in LA and NYC, a flagship store and innovation center in Culver City, and a national grocery business of ice cream sammies, pints, cups, mini sammies, and cones in stores ranging from Whole Foods to Sprouts to Kroger. They launched a very successful dairy-free ice cream line (made from peas & brown rice!) in 2019. Natasha remained the CEO until Coolhaus was acquired by Perfect Day under their CPG umbrella company with a mission to make more sustainable products without compromise in December of 2021. 


Natasha took on a founding CEO role with Lunch Bunch in August of 2022. By then as a mom of a two and five year old, she was driven by the idea of using creative eating experiences to inspire curiosity in even the pickiest of eaters… while also tackling a massive issue for parents around frustrations with packing lunch from a time, management, shopping, quality, cleaning and stress/guilt perspective. She plans to make Lunch Bunch not only a convenient meal delivery platform, but also a merchandise and content world to revolutionize our relationship to food and the way we eat.


Natasha is devoted to transformational positive change by creating mission-led businesses. At Coolhaus, she devoted her work to the next generation of women and LGBTQ founders, entrepreneurs, and creators of diverse backgrounds to feel empowered to turn their dreams into realities in an equitable environment. Natasha partnered with Black Girl Ventures to create ice cream to raise funds for entrepreneurial grants, the Okra Foundation for Pride to create a flavor called EnjoyMINT for All, celebrating our differences through a top 8 allergen-free ice cream, and she is committed to teaching courses and frequent public speaking engagements to push the envelope for the next generation. She looks forward to bringing this ethos into the Lunch Bunch business.


Natasha has been named a Forbes 30 under 30 Food & Beverage, Zagat 30 Under 30, LinkedIn 10 under 35 for Food & Leisure, 10 Most Successful Women in Business by Leaders Globe, and UCLA’s LGBTQ+ 2019 Alum of the Year. She is a published author of the Coolhaus Ice Cream Book which came out in 2014 and was featured on Good Morning America and named as one of Martha Stewart’s favorites. She has been featured in many national publications and media outlets like Entrepreneur, LA Times, and Bon Appetit, and has judged Food Network’s Chopped, King of Cones, and Top Chef Jr. She co-hosted her own podcast, ‘Start to Sale’ through Eater/Vox Media. In 2019, she joined YPO in the Beverly Hills chapter. Natasha is a board member of UCLA Arts Dept, Larchmont Charter School, Startup UCLA, Naturally LA and a member of the Lyft Council (Los Angeles). In 2022 she completed the Victory Institute training for LGBTQ+ leaders of tomorrow.




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