Narea Kim

Narea Kim


Hollywood’s Secret Psychic, Narea Kim, on Intuition, Redefining Yourself & Energy Notes for 2020 – Part 1 & 2


EPISODE: 9/10   |    DATE: September 28, 2020

Episode Goal: To give mamas a sense of their gift, how to tap into their intuition and to give them some information from the divine on anything they should focus on when it comes to raising children and nurturing themselves.

“Mothers are tapped in all the time. You don’t trust your voice enough.”

Narea Kim, Spiritual Coach

Narea aka KIMLOVEMUSE has been called one of the Nations most highly esteemed and respected Mediums. Narea quickly earned her reputation as Hollywood’s “Secret Psychic”In this business you are dealing with people’s lives and privacy, which are very fragile.

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Key Takeaways

  • Narea is an energy reader, healer, and conduit. She empowers her clients to replenish, nourish, and retrieve what they need to uncover their blocks and live in the flow
  • Mothers especially have to replenish and nourish themselves 
  • Mothers are the center. They are the nucleus. So if you’re creating that space – it’s your energy that’s feeding everything. So you have to realize you’re the conduit, you’re the power and if you lose that power there is no power and then chaos happens and it’s exactly what’s happening on the planet right now. 
  • If you feel taken care of, then you can take care of others. Do a grounding meditation to help you feel taken care of.
  • Good mom hack to get reconnected: grounding meditation and standing on wet grass or sand (imagine a plug going through the earth’s crust to the core and charging you).
  • When I am feeling chaotic, the house feels chaotic. When I am grounded and centered, there are less tantrums.
  • Narea suggests taking 5 minutes when you start the day to ask: What do I want to create today?
  • Mothers are tapped in all the time. You don’t trust your voice enough.
  • You may feel crazy when you’re trying to tap into your intuition. 
  • You need to learn how to navigate through your day so you don’t get stuck in the chaos. How? Ask yourself what you need to get you straight. A bath? 2 minutes to close your eyes? Putting your bare feet in the grass? 
  • 2020 is about redefining who you are
  • The message coming in from the divine for mothers is that everything is going to be ok, but you have to take it day by day rather than looking forward to the next month or year. It’s day by day right now.
  • Also, the divine talks about how the masculine and the patriarchy is breaking down right now, so the men in our lives are particularly fragile. We need to be soft with them as best as we can. 
  • Women already have a balance of masculine and feminine inside of them.
  • It’s going to be much better on the other side of all of this, but for the months from August through October/November, it’s going to be frustrating and feel hard. Just keep plugging away.
  • We are all being called to do certain things right now, and whatever we are called to do won’t be convenient (like me starting a podcast in the middle of a pandemic with no childcare and two young children to care for!!). It won’t feel sane, but answer those calls and you’ll stay in the flow of the divine.
  • People have to learn self mastery now and use emotion as their power. Because that is where the power is now: in your emotions. Feel everything. 
  • Do release work (massage, acupuncture, etc.) to clear your energy. It’s more important now than ever.

    About Narea

    SPIRITUAL COACH, CREATOR, LEADER IN THE MYSTIC ARTS – Narea aka KIMLOVEMUSE has been called one of the Nations most highly esteemed and respected Mediums. Narea quickly earned her reputation as Hollywood’s “Secret Psychic”In this business you are dealing with people’s lives and privacy, which are very fragile. Narea has never taken this for granted, and is widely known & respected as a strong source of keeping everything quiet and sacred as it should be in people’s lives.  

    To see Narea walking down the street, you would never know her vast knowledge and intuitive abilities. Narea is filled, with charm, humor, and wit combined with passion, vision, real attitude, and a sense of style that captivates her clients’ imagination. 

    Although she would never “read and tell”, her clients do, giving her credit for her accurate and detailed guidance. In her day to day soul sessions works with  people in developing and managing their power and creativity while giving clarity to life solutions for all her clients. It is any wonder that people have referred to her as “A Leader in the Mystic Arts.”

    Born in New York City, Narea’s clairvoyant gifts became apparent to those around her at age three when she would announce who was at the door or on the phone at the first ring of the bell. Over the years, her unique gift continued to mystify those around her with insightful predictions of life – prior to events which would take place in the lives of those around her. It was when she first met her biological parents, and found out that her psychic gifts were as unique as she thought. It turned out that she received a double dose of psychic genetics as she comes from several generations of psychics on both her mother and father’s side of her family. After having several dreams of 911, Narea (Kim) relocated to Los Angeles in 1999. And since that day, she has found herself with a slate of clients that include: Millionaires, Actors, Actresses, Hollywood Wives, Musicians, and those Producers and Studio Executives who are need of a little guidance before closing that big deal.

    Narea has been featured in several magazines such as People, Woman’s Own, Cleo Magazine, and the film “My Date with Drew,” and has appeared as a recurring guest on Hot 92.3 and Latino 96.3. as well as other Radio Guest Appearances  A Contributing Editor for Refinery 29 and other columns where she writes on different topics. Narea has begun public speaking in intimate venues such as Soho House in different cities, and Unplug Meditation Centers for informal talks, workshops, and meditations. She has been referenced in several known authors’ books, with full chapters on her, and is listed in the “Top 100 Psychic Astrologers in America”.

    Motivational, authentic and relatable Jenny is a highly sought after speaker and guide for women who want to make lasting change and impact in their own lives. She has been featured in dozens of media outlets worldwide and has two TEDx talks that had audiences on their feet.  Jenny believes her true purpose in life is to help women feel good about themselves and empower everyone to change the conversation.





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