Lauren Lobley

My name is Lauren. I am a mother, podcaster, writer, chef, cookbook author, IIN certified health coach.

My life changed on February 19, 2016, when my daughter, Madison Grace, graced us with her presence after 4 days (yes, 4) of labor. It was 10:39pm on a Friday, and my life would never be the same.

However, life as a mother has asked me to dig deeper into the depths of my soul than any other experience has ever asked of me. It has forced me to come face to face with traumas I had in my closet, and my gosh, it has brought me to my knees. It has also brought me some of the greatest joy of my life, deeper than I’ve ever experienced. Baby giggles? Come on. Watching a child learn something new? THE BEST.

That said, navigating life as a mother has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I’m two kids in (my son, Liam Edward, was born on August 23rd, 2019), and I’m still finding my footing. I imagine I will be doing this sort of dance for the rest of my life in my role as “mom.”

If you’re a mom reading this, then you can probably relate. After that my unique experience brought me up close and personal with an identity crisis (err…if I’m mom now, what happens to all the things I was before this?), hormonal imbalances that had me sweating through my sheets for a year and a half every night (sorry to be so blunt), an undiagnosed case of postpartum anxiety with my first, and a reckoning the likes I had never dealt with before in accepting my postpartum body, including a case of diastasis recti that went undiagnosed for almost a year, and most recently, loose stomach skin that hangs over my jeans whenever I decide to squeeze myself into them (which isn’t often, because, well, it’s just not comfortable).

Which brings me to the “why” behind The Mom Feed Podcast. There was a piece of the conversation missing. I didn’t see myself in a lot of my social feeds. I saw women who had it all together. And every time I looked at them, I felt even worse about myself. Was I the only one feeling so rocked about my transition into motherhood? And – gasp – did that make me a bad mom? The short answer is NO! And when I read about the term Matrescence while reading a book called In the Flo by Alisa Vitti, I finally understood it. I felt seen, heard and understood, and I wanted to create something to help other moms to feel that way too.

The Mom Feed is a podcast about the transition into motherhood. Each week, I feature guests who are experts in their fields, and amplify their voices to help give support to mamas who need it most. My goal is to empower mamas with information and resources that will help make their lives easier, and that will effectively serve as the tribe they need to stay afloat in this fabulous but equally challenging life as “mom.”

Thank you for being here. I see you. I hear you. I am you. And I’ve got you.


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