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Lillian Cohanzad

Manifesting Motherhood: The Power of Thoughts, Words and Journaling from Conception to Parenthood 

EPISODE: 83   |    DATE: August 18, 2022

“There is always something that won’t go exactly how you imagined it. For some people it’s getting pregnant. For some it’s birth. For some it’s breastfeeding. There will always be something unexpected. Becoming a mom is a real becoming.” 

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Key Takeaways

Have you ever noticed the power of your thoughts?  Maybe you’ve had the experience where you were thinking about someone and they called, or you ended up seeing them at the store.
Or maybe you decided that you wanted to go to college and after much hard work, you got in and did it.
That is manifestation. We all do it, all the time. We manifest good things. We manifest not so good things.
Did you ever realize you could apply the power of manifestation to your journey into parenthood, imagining the family of your dreams before it ever becomes a reality?
The women behind the prenatal vitamin company, WeNatal, believe in mindset so wholeheartedly, that after creating the world’s first prenatal vitamin company for both men and women, they adopted one final holistic tool: a journal to manifest the family of your dreams.
You’ve heard this before: thoughts become things. And how powerful that concept is when trying to conceive.
Today on the show, I’m joined by Lillian Cohanzad, the author of the premier journal for pregnancy “WeNatal, A Guided Journal Manifesting Your Dream Family,” and passionate supporter of women through spiritual facilitation including manifestation sessions, moon circles and breath work. 
Today we discuss some of what you’ll find in the journal, like 50 questions to ask before becoming a parent, and 50 affirmations you can use in your conception journey. We discuss the power of manifestation, particularly when it comes to manifesting your family, and how you can use this journal in every aspect of your life.
Tune in and prepare to welcome in the changes your heart has been longing for. 


Lillian Cohanzad is the author of the premier journal for pregnancy, “WeNatal, A Guided Journal Manifesting Your Dream Family,” and passionate supporter of women through spiritual facilitation including manifestation sessions, moon circles and breath work. She is happiest when experiencing the deep power of bringing women together to create growth and promote healing. 

After graduating with her business degree from the University of San Diego, Lillian followed in the footsteps of her first-generation American parents and had a successful 15 year career in real estate. However, her real career started when she discovered her true calling after experiencing a major shift in mind, body and spirit in becoming a mother to her three children, now ages 6, 4 and 2. Lillian’s intimate experience with the ups and downs of fertility, tough pregnancies, birth and everything that comes after was the catalyst to her writing and spiritual work.

Lillian is an avid bookworm and podcast devourer: her favorite topics, naturally, include manifesting, motherhood and wellness.

Lillian is a Jewish convert married to her soul mate (It’s a tale!) She resides in Pacific Palisades, CA and spends her days chasing toddlers, homeschooling their kindergartner and packing for their next trip.


Instagram: @lillcohanzad

Resources mentioned in this episode

Abraham Hicks

Episode #21 with Birth Educator Brita Bushnell, PhD


Life Coach: Shelli Lawrence

Kara Lowentheil Episode 39: Reaching Your Full Potential

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