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Dear Motherhood: A Personal Story About My Life as A Mother #realmomtalk


EPISODE: 18   |    DATE: November 26, 2020

“Dear Motherhood, you ask me to be a lot of things I don’t yet know how to be. You ask me to feel many things I don’t yet know how to feel…”

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Key Takeaways

  • Welcome to the first ever solo episode and story time at The Mom Feed! Thank you for being here. I am here to serve you, and I am happy to show up and be a resource for you in any way that I can.
  • One of the ways I believe I can serve you is to get REAL HONEST with you, to share my experience as a mother completely unfiltered, and to use my craft of public speaking, storytelling and writing to weave together stories about various aspects of my life as a mother. 
  • In today’s story, Dear Motherhood, I explore many topics including:
    • How I wanted to be a mother since I was born.
    • The fact that I always thought I would be good at it and had very clear ideas about how my children were going to behave.
    • How ridiculously different motherhood was up against what I thought it would be like (are you surprised?).
    • How messy and complex it is, and how I’m handling it.
  • In an effort to keep things real, I reveal an embarassing detail about how I almost wasn’t able to have children.
  • I basically spill my heart out onto the page and into the mic in hopes that you will recognize yourself somewhere in these words and that your heart and soul will say….”Ahhhhh” as if to say, “I am not alone.” Because mama? You’re not.

About Lauren

Lauren is a mother, writer, chef, cookbook author, IIN certified health coach, and most recently, a podcast host. In her own words:

“Life as a mother has asked me to dig deeper into the depths of my soul than any other experience has ever asked of me. It has forced me to come face to face with traumas I had in my closet, and my gosh, it has brought me to my knees. It has also brought me some of the greatest joy of my life, deeper than I’ve ever experienced. Baby giggles? Come on. Watching a child learn something new? THE BEST.

That said, navigating life as a mother has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I’m two kids in and I’m still finding my footing. I imagine I will be doing this sort of dance for the rest of my life in my role as “mom.”

When she’s not recording for this podcast, chasing after her kids, or having a meltdown in the kitchen trying to figure out what to feed everyone for dinner, you’ll probably find her happily reading a book on the couch, curled up under the coziest of blankets, her journal beside her,  just in case she gets inpsired and needs to write. Aside from writing and being a mother, Lauren’s passion is to help other mamas feel seen, heard, and understood and laess alone in their journey in motherhood. 


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Resources in this episode

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