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Challenging the Way You See Yourself & Your Body with wellness and lifestyle guide, author, and mom of twins


EPISODE: 8   |    DATE: September 24, 2020

 Episode Goal: Real talk about the importance around how we talk about our bodies. Jenny’s goal as a fitness coach is to empower women to change the conversations around how they talk about their bodies, and to break the cycle of toxic anchors that keep them in a downward loop. Jenny has written about her methods in her new book, Breaking the Cycle. Jenny also discusses her experience as a mother of twins who spent the first 2 months of their lives in the NICU, what mom life has been like for her, and advice around how to thrive in your relationship after having children.

When changing the conversation with women, we need to level up our conversations. Too many of us are still bonding over what we don’t like about ourselves.”

JENNY SHATZLE, Wellness & Lifestyle Guide.

Jenny Schatzle’s passion is to change the conversation on body image, self worth and the power of movement. Her ambition is teaching women to live the life they want, not the life they think they should. She is an author, mother of twins, speaker and business owner.

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Key Takeaways

  • When you try to be anyone else but yourself, it’s not authentic. Own who you are. That’s where all the magic is.
  • Women are a product of the way we grew up. There is so much programming that we’ve had in the environment that we grew up in. So if your mother counted calories or if someone called you fat, you’re most likely programmed to think you have to count calories and somehow be thin.
  • We forget as women – the greatest tool to change is awareness. So once we are aware of our programming, we can start to change it. This is what Jenny is all about: identifying our own programming – what she calls toxic anchors – and beginning the process of changing the conversation.
  • Jenny finds that she still compares herself to others, but now her awareness comes in so she’s able to stop herself, see her old programming and say, “That’s not the woman I want to be.” She changes her conversation.
  • Weight loss is not a cure for happiness. There is no magic number on the scale that is ever going to make you feel like you’re enough. As long as you don’t deal with the toxic anchors, no amount of weight loss will ever feel like enough.
  • You don’t have to have a diagnosable eating disorder in order to have disordered eating. 
  • We shape those around us – especially our children, nieces, nephews and younger ones – by the way we talk about our bodies and food.
  • Jenny’s life passion is to help women change the conversation because we’re set up to think that we are supposed to look a certain way, talk a certain way, act a certain way. And it’s not the truth. 
  • In motherhood, Jenny is finding out who she is, and who she wants to be for her children. As mothers, we want better for our kids but we’re not always willing to be better. We think it’s just going to change because we’re going to do something different than our parents did, but 9 times out of 10 we end up doing the same as our parents because it’s what we know. 
  • Our kids don’t do what we say. They do what we do. It starts with us.
  • Jenny challenges women to get rid of the scales in their homes because the number on the scale doesn’t determine our worth. We wouldn’t put our children on the scale and tell them that whatever number comes up will tell you if they are smart enough, good enough, anything enough. So why do we do that with ourselves?
  • You cannot change your children, but you can live the way you would want your children to live.
  • Toxic anchors are Jenny’s term for toxic habits; A habit that you keep doing that no longer serves you. You must ask: what am I trying to numb out from? That’s where you begin to change.
  • When changing the conversation with women we need to level up our conversations. That too many of us are still bonding over what we don’t like about ourselves.
  • Name the voice in your head that represents your old programming, so that when it comes up and tries to tell you you’re not good enough, skinny enough or whatever, you can say, “Not today, Terry!”
  • Instead of saying change the way you eat, instead, change the relationship you have with food. We’ve gotten so out of tune with our bodies because we listen to everyone else that we’ve completely bypassed ourselves. And we have our own answers. You don’t need the next diet. You need to start listening to your own intuition and your own body and go through all the things that have brought you to this point.
  • We need to give ourselves permission to be who we are and look like who we are. That is our problem. We feel like we don’t have permission to look like who we are at this moment.
  • When it comes to a relationship, open communication is key, especially once you have children! We have expectations of people but then we don’t tell them what those expectations are. That’s a huge downfall in relationships. So communicate openly and honestly and tell your partner what you need. Don’t make them guess.
  • Jenny wrote a book called Breaking the Cycle about everything discussed in this interview! Grab a copy today.


About Jenny Schatzle

Jenny Schatzle’s passion is to change the conversation on body image, self worth and the power of movement. Her ambition is teaching women to live the life they want, not the life they think they should. She is an author, mother of twins, speaker and business owner.  Her new book, Breaking the Cycle, helps you get to the root of toxic cycles holding you back. Through tools, conversation, and mindset Jenny helps you create solutions that will change your life forever. 

Motivational, authentic and relatable Jenny is a highly sought after speaker and guide for women who want to make lasting change and impact in their own lives. She has been featured in dozens of media outlets worldwide and has two TEDx talks that had audiences on their feet.  Jenny believes her true purpose in life is to help women feel good about themselves and empower everyone to change the conversation.




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