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Danielle Bettmann

A Parenting Coach’s Practical Guide to Helping Siblings Get Along   

EPISODE: 89  |  DATE: December 15, 2022

“You’re never going to be a perfect parent, but you still are the parent that your kids need. And it’s all about what’s going on in your head. There will still me meltodwns and yelling from time to time. But what meaning do you make about it and how helpless do you feel? Are you able to reset and try again tomorrow?”

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Key Takeaways

Do you have siblings? If so, do you get along? Do you ever remember a time where you did? What was your relationship like as children?

Sibling relationships can be tricky. As it says in the book – Siblings Without Rivalry – when another child comes along, it can feel like a roommate the first child never asked for and never wanted. While some children may gravitate toward their new sibling, others may not. And no matter how the relationship starts out, there will be times when siblings inevitably do not get along.

This can make for a very stressful situation for you as a parent. Of course we want our children to get along, but it would help to understand what’s going on inside their heads so we could understand how to more easily help them get there.

Today I’m talking to parenting coach and mother of two, Danielle Bettmann. We’re talking all about how to help siblings get along!

Today she explains just what our kids are feeling about each other, and she gives practical, easy to implement tools to help foster not just the relationship they have with their sibling(s), but also – and more importantly – the one that they have with themselves. We talk about the nuts and bolts of the sibling relationship and then we get into specific scenarios like what to do when your children are vying for your attention at the same time, what to do about hitting and kicking and other dangerous physical behavior, how to handle it when your child says really hurtful things about the other child, validating your child’s feelings even when you don’t like how they are expressing them, and so much more!

This is definitely going to be an episode you’ll want to take notes on, save, and also, listen to with your partner. It’s soooo important to be on the same parenting page as your partner. It can save a lot of headaches and frankly, cause much less confusion for your children.


Danielle Bettmann is an early childhood development educator, parenting coach and founder of Wholeheartedly. Her business supports families with strong-willed toddlers and unbalanced parenting dynamics find strategies for a happy home. Mom to two young girls, Danielle offers a blend of lived experience and educational training. She helps parents extend their patience, rewire their parenting mindset and write a Family Business Plan to foster empathy, belonging and resilience in both children and their parents. Danielle also hosts the Failing Motherhood podcast, aiming to normalize the struggle and share vulnerable stories.

Learn more and on Instagram @parent_wholeheartedly




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