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Helen Morrison – Frownies

Hollywood’s Beauty Secret: How to Age Naturally and Gracefully Without Botox with Frownies’ Helen Morrison

EPISODE: 99  |    DATE: July 13, 2023

“If you’re taking care of yourself, you’re sending that signal to your brain that says, “I’m someone that’s worth taking care of! You deserve to be cared for and loved.”

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Key Takeaways

Are you concerned with fine lines and wrinkles?

Are you into clean beauty, aging gracefully, and finding a natural way to minimize those years of expression lines on your face?

If you’re into quick fixes, there is surgery and Botox.

But if you’re into something different – a beauty secret that’s been around since 1889 but that was made famous by Renee Rousso when she touted this product to be her secret to aging gracefully in Good Housekeeping magazine – then you’re going to want to know about Frownies.

As you’ll hear on the show today, Helen Morrison’s great grandmother invented Frownies in 1889 when she noticed that her furrowed brow was created what’s become known as “11” lines in between her eyes. 

Since then, Frownies have floated around as a natural beauty secret among celebrities, but they became an internet sensation just a few years ago.

Learn about how they work, how they compare to Botox and surgery, and  get some of Helen’s other secrets and suggestions on how to aging gracefully beyond skincare products like Frownies.



Helen is the President of Morrison Consulting & Morrison Family Marketing, a Content Strategist, Brand Builder, Content Creator, and 5th Generation Female Owner and Face of Frownies. 

Helen can be seen in many social media video’s sharing Frownies but also sharing her vast array of knowledge in the wellness arena. Helen shares fitness, food hacks, meditation and overall wellness coaching with a network of women around the world. 

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