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Erin Holt

Women’s Health 101: Hormones, Your Nervous System & Intermittent Fasting 

EPISODE: 85  |    DATE: October 20, 2022

“What I tend to see is a lot of moms looking at their children and saying you can create any world you want; you need to love yourself; you need to make sure that your needs matter. And yet we’re not actually doing that for ourselves.”

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Key Takeaways

If you’re a mama who is suffering from hormonal imbalances of any kind (night sweats and hot flashes, migraines, bloating, cramps, PMS, etc), autoimmune conditions, brain fog, a lack of energy – basically if you aren’t feeling well, my guest today can probably help you figure out why.

Erin Holt AKA The Funktional Nutritionist is a board certified integrative and functional nutritionist who is on a mission to help women feel better in their bodies. With 15 years of experience as a clinician, Erin is constantly keeping up with the latest research and seeing how it plays out in the lives of the women she coaches.

Today on the show, we talk about where to begin when it comes to balancing hormones and what she has to say may surprise you. We also get into intermittent fasting and why it may not be the best option for women who are still menstruating. We’ll cover those details in this episode.

If you’re looking to solve some health mysteries or just to feel better in your body – more energized, optimistic, a free of any pesky health challenges – you’re going to love today’s episode.

Be sure to check out Erin’s podcast, The Funktional Nutritionist, and in particular, her episode about Intermittent Fasting where she takes a deep dive into the subject.

Also be sure to get your name on the waiting list for her upcoming course, Your Hormone Revival, a 3 month balancing program to revive adrenal, thyroid and hormone health through root cause restoration.



Erin Holt is a board-certified integrative and functional nutritionist with a feisty attitude and over a decade of clinical experience.

She blends evidence-based practices, functional lab testing, energy medicine, boundary setting & humor for a unique and customized approach to women’s health.

She dives deep with women to get to the root cause of their health issues and finally get answers to their mystery symptoms.

In addition to running multiple online nutrition & functional medicine programs, Erin is the founder of the Funk’tional Nutrition Academy, a 14 month practitioner training and mentorship helping nutrition pros level up with functional medicine methodologies.

You can find Erin rabble-rousing on her weekly show, The Funk’tional Nutrition Podcast.





Funk’tional Nutrition Academy:

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Erin’s episode on Intermittent Fasting


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