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Demystifying Infant & Toddler Sleep with Chrissy Lawler of The Peaceful Sleeper

EPISODE: 63  |    DATE: November 18, 2021

“You’re doing great. You have a good baby. We just have a puzzle and we’ll solve it. I will leave no stone unturned to help parents get good sleep.”

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Key Takeaways

Do you have a baby or a toddler who just won’t sleep? Or maybe even an older child with sleep issues?

Not getting enough sleep is truly a form of torture as any sleep deprived mother can attest to. It makes you forget who you are, it makes you cranky, it makes you delirious.

Wouldn’t it be so nice if you could put an end to your child’s – and by extension, your own – sleep issues? 

There are many sleep training techniques on the market these days, and unfortunately not all of them are created equal. In fact, many of them have the effect of shaming parents for not doing it “the right way.” 

No parent should be made to feel that way. In fact, every parent should feel empowered as the expert when it comes to their own baby. 

Today’s guest, Chrissy Lawler of The Peaceful Sleeper, has made it her goal to help parents feel empowered in helping their children get more sleep. 

Chrissy has been practicing therapy for 9 years and slowly started to realize that sleep issues were a common thread among all of her clients. She got some additional training in advanced sleep medicine and learned that many of the mental health challenges we (and our children) face today stem from inadequate sleep.

Chrissy’s goal as a baby sleep consultant is to take the stress out of sleep training and get everyone in the family a good night’s rest. She’s here to help you enjoy motherhood–not just endure it.

On the show today, we discuss:

  1. How important sleep is to mental health and a general feeling of well being
  2. How Chrissy cured herself of insomnia (and how she helps others do it too)
  3. How Chrissy sleep trained her 4 children by marrying various techniques from a variety of sleep training methods to create her own, tailored approach
  4. How many sleep training methods on the market seem to shame parents rather than work alongside them. They also tend to be very rigid which doesn’t allow for different babies with different temperaments and unique needs.
  5. How different Chrissy’s sleep training method is from everything else (it does involve some crying but not the way you might think)
  6. Chrissy’s 4 main phases of sleep training: 1) Setting the stage, 2) Initiating independent sleep, 3) Independent nap lengthening and 4) Dropping night awakenings
  7. The most ideal bedtime for babies
  8. How the bedtime routine isn’t as important as helping your child develop good sleep skills
  9. How sleep training at age 4 months is probably the most ideal time to begin sleep training and why
  10. How there is no one size fits all approach to sleep training

Tune in for the full episode and be on the road to better sleep TODAY! In the words of Mrs. Doubtfire, “Help is on the way!”

Resources in this episode

The Safe Sleep Seven (tips for safe co-sleeping)

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