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Caitlin Strempel

SEO #MomBoss Talks Working From Home, Setting Boundaries & Pushing Past Fear 

EPISODE: 30   |    DATE: February 18, 2021

“The universe was like, “this is what you want to do – go after it!” It wasn’t until I faced real fear that I was thought, “it’s not so scary to start a business.”

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Key Takeaways

  • Caitlin has an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company called Rising Ranks Digital. It’s a female owned company that she started on her own 4 years ago.
  • According to Caitlin, as long as you are putting out at least 2 blog posts a month and using the correct keywords, your website can rank well.
  • The important factor with SEO is to make sure you’re using the correct keywords and phrases. 
  • There are many tools you can use to determine which keywords and phrases to use. Caitlin likes Uber Suggests.
  • Caitlin started the company after her son, Wyatt was born.
  • At his 2 month check up, Wyatt was diagnosed with a heart defect in his bicuspid aortic valve. He required many heart surgeries and recovery, and in facing that fear with her son, Caitlin realized that any fears she had around starting her own business were only imagined.
  • Now that she had faced real fear in the face of her son’s heart condition, she decided to go for it.
  • Today, Wyatt is 4 years old and thriving. He may require further surgeries but at this point in time, he’s thriving.
  • Caitlin started the company as a full digital agency but quickly realized that wasn’t her passion and eventually niched down to just doing SEO.
  • In order to get her work done and be a stay at home mom, Caitlin worked on setting boundaries and letting go. She outsourced as much as she could, from getting help cleaning the house to getting prepared meals.
  • Eventually she got to the point of hiring help within the business, which has helped her to scale it more quickly.
  • Caitlin really found it helpful to do self development and mindset work in starting and maintaining her company. 
  • Caitlin hired a business and mindset coach who helped her question her thoughts that weren’t serving her. In a very Byron Katie kind of way, Caitlin was coached to ask herself when any fear came up: What’s the worst that can happen? And is it true or made up? Real fear or imagined fear?
  • In setting boundaries as a stay at home mom, Caitlin finds it’s important to identify what you personally need in order to feel productive. In her case, Caitlin needs focused time. So she moved her office into the guest room and when she needs to focus, she closes the door. Everyone knows when the door is closed they cannot come in. 
  • Cailtin removes all distractions when she’s focusing on work, including her phone.
  • Communication is key when it comes to setting boundaries. Caitlin’s husband and son are clear that when her door is closed, they are not to come in.
  • It’s easier now that her son is older to have him do solo play, but it wasn’t always that easy. She had to really work with him and work up to more solo/independent play.
  • While Caitlin is working, her son is either at school, with her husband, or with a nanny. 
  • Like any mom, Caitlin deals with mom guilt. One of her best ways to combat that is to truly be present with her son when they are together. That means she doesn’t look at her phone or get distracted by anything else.
  • Caitlin uses these tactics when it comes to maintaining a relationship with her husband too. The first year of her business was tough and she didn’t make her relationship a priority, but now they schedule time together at night for fun together.
  • If you’re a mom who is nervous to go back to work because you have young kids at home or for any reason, Caitlin believes that if you desire something, it desires you back. Push past the fear and trust that you will be supported.
  • Also, you don’t have to jump full force into anything. You can start slow. Caitlin started with just one client and worked a few hours a day. You can do that too and work your way up to more.
  • Caitlin originally started out wanting to be a full time stay at home mom and then it changed. She felt guilty about that at first.
  • What helped Caitlin get past her guilt was to give herself permission to change her mind.
  • Caitlin feels like being a mom prepared her for being a business owner because of the amount of juggling and balancing that is required.
  • If you’re thinking of starting your own business or going back to work but are feeling nervous, Caitlin’s advice is to just go for it. Try to visualize what’s on the other side and imagine what that will do for your life.

About Caitlin

Caitlin Strempel, CEO of Rising Ranks Digital and Manifesting Mommyhood, is an SEO expert, infertility mindset healer, keynote speaker, and an IVF mama to a 4-year old boy! This serial entrepreneur’s mission is to impact the world by supporting her clients to get help, and to help others. Working with local-based businesses all the way to large-scale global brands such as Under Armour, Lexus and more, Caitlin is proud to have a 100% success rate at getting her clients to the first page of Google. And with her latest business, Manifesting Mommyhood, she’s been successfully helping women fulfil their own dreams of becoming a mother.




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