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Motherhood is hard. I was undoubtedly a better mother before I had children. But as someone recently reminded me, there are hard parts in an awesome life. Motherhood may be hard, but it’s much harder to do it alone. So let’s not. Let’s do it together.

Tune in each week for real, raw, honest conversations about everything in and around what it means to become “mom.” You will leave each episode empowered with information that will make your life easier, that will help you understand why you’re feeling the way you are, and give you permission to feel it all simultaneously. Welcome to your support team, mama.

This is your village, mama. I see you. I hear you. I am you.


Narea Kim

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Hi! I’m Lauren.

I am a multi-passionate mompreneur and mother of two children, Madison and Liam. Since becoming a mother, my passion morphed into a mission to serve other mamas in their new role as the CEO of another human’s life. Because you know what? I don’t remember getting a course in that. No. I remember there being a lot of support around pregnancy and what to eat and what not to eat and what to put on the baby registry and what gadgets were absolutely necessary and which ones were not.

You know what I don’t remember? I don’t remember anyone having a conversation with me about child proofing my relationship before baby arrived. I don’t remember anyone telling me to make sure I had a conversation with my partner about the division of labor once our little bundle of joy arrived. I don’t remember anyone telling me that when I birthed my first child, so too would I birth another person: Myself, The Mother. And I don’t remember anyone telling me that this birth would come with confusing feelings of grief and loss of my old identity as I grew into my new one. I also don’t remember anyone explaining what was happening to my body as it healed from childbirth, so you can imagine my surprised when I saw my intestines swimming around under my belly due to a relatively serious case of diastasis recti that my midwife shrugged off as part of a new normal.

Mamas? We deserve better. Better support in all areas – physically, spiritually and emotionally – as we transition into motherhood and continue our metamorphosis as our children grow. This podcast exists in order to do just that: Support. Serve. I see you, mama! I’ve got you.

Lauren Lobley and the kids

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